WorkplaceTM programme


What is WorkplaceMT?

WorkplaceMT is an evidence informed approach to teaching mindfulness in the workplace. It’s based on mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), adapted and refined to meet the challenges and demands of the modern day workplace. WorkplaceMT helps employees to develop mindfulness skills over a six week period.


Unlike traditional MBSR and MBCT, which are designed for use by therapists and clinicians, WorkplaceMT is designed specifically for the needs of leaders, managers and employees who wish to develop mindfulness. It’s designed to be taught in a standard meeting room without the need for additional equipment or unusual room layouts. WorkplaceMT Trainer training complies with the UK Mindfulness Teacher Training Networks Good Practice Guidelines as far as is practical.


What does the Trainer Training Pathway involve?

For some participants, Foundation level Trainer Training may be all they require, as it equips participants with the essential skills required to deliver WorkplaceMT training. To comply with current best practice, Advanced level Trainer Training is recommended.


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Preliminary requirements

Foundation level WorkplaceMT Trainer Training:
Preliminary requirements
Advanced level WorkplaceMT Trainer Training:
Preliminary requirements
  • To have followed the programme in Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World on a self-study basis
  • To have a regular mindfulness practice and a commitment to maintaining it
  • To have a professional background where you can deliver mindfulness training
  • Successful completion of WorkplaceMT Foundation level Trainer Training
  • The ability to provide evidence of 3 full WorkplaceMT courses that you have delivered. Evidence of this may include video footage, testimonials from participants and or co-trainers.
Overview Overview
Foundation level WorkplaceMT Trainer Training is an intensive six day programme, packing in 72 hours of study over 7 days. It aims to equip trainees with the essential skills and confidence needed to market and deliver WorkplaceMT mindfulness training. On completing the Study Week trainees will be given electronic copies of the WorkplaceMT training materials for their personal use.

The Study Week will be based around three key elements:

  1. Deepening personal mindfulness practice
  2. Key Underpinning Theory
  3. Ample opportunities for practice via teach back sessions in small groups with a ratio of 1 teacher to 4 students
Once you have gained some experience in teaching WorkplaceMT you are eligible to attend Advanced level WorkplaceMT Trainer Training to complete your training pathway in line with current best practice.

Advanced trainer training will consist of a three day programme which allows you to demonstrate your competence to teach TME courses by showcasing how you teach two or more 60 minute sessions from a six week course in front of peers. It will also include an update on the latest mindfulness and relevant neuroscience research.


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