Trainers TME
Interest in mindfulness training in the workplace is growing fast. TME fosters the development of workplace mindfulness training by offering trainer training programmes and a network to share best practice in this field. Here you will find contacts of those who are part of this network.


Associate Trainers

  • Juliet Adams
  • Sarah Hennelly


TME Trainers Level 1

Mindfulness trainers who have attended the TME Study Week, which equips participants with the skill-base to deliver TME workplace mindfulness programmes based on the book, Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Professor Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman.


Attended TME Study Week


  • Myra McHale
  • Patrick Boland
  • Eliza Thornton
  • Amanda Heath
  • Stephanie Forester
  • Tamara Russell
  • Steve Thom
  • Gail Westerman
  • Sarah Gear
  • Jim Allen
  • Sheila French
  • Susan Mcavoy
  • Ashley Lodge
  • Fiona Burns
  • Jane Hodgkinson
  • Gudrun Hiese
  • Joanne Wilson
  • Rosemary Sandham
  • Julie Wilson
  • Tony Barton
  • Carmen Teo
  • Harpreet Sandhu
  • Lavinia Jacob
  • Mariangela Zanaki
  • Mark Richardson – Verified Trainer
  • Claire Griffin – Verified Trainer
  • Dr Alyson Smith
  • Dr Sherylin Thompson
  • Sophie Westwood
  • Urzala Weiss
  • Tessa McEwan
  • Emma Dellar
  • Tim Andrews
  • Mike Roarty
  • Sally Roberts
  • Nikki Watters
  • Julia Freeman
  • Valentin Tuca
  • Lene Collatz
  • Louise Gathercole
  • Anna Beckmann
  • Rebecca Smith
  • Graham English
  • Jill Chapman
  • Catherine Midgley
  • Justin Phelan
  • Ken Lunn
  • Catherine Jaschinski
  • Catherine Harwood
  • Gayl Long
  • Tracy Ladbrooke
  • Andy Taylor
  • Dr Meera Joshi

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TME Trainers Advanced Level

Mindfulness trainers who have attended the TME Study Week and have successfully delivered a series of courses completing a 12 month peer-reviewed pathway.


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