Mindfulness At Work Trainers

WorkplaceMT Trainers have experience working in a variety of business settings.  Many of our trainers are experienced coaches, psychologists, and consultants, with many years of experience and qualifications within their chosen disciplines.  Many of our trainers have also attended other trainer training programs such as MBSR, MBCT, Mindfulness in Schools, Mindfulness Based Living or Masters in Mindfulness at Bangor or Aberdeen University.  They have an established personal mindfulness practice and have successfully completed our Mindfulness training Foundation programme (72 hours of learning), which included observations of their performance when guiding mindfulness exercises and facilitating reflection and learning.

Adam Harper
Adam Harper has worked in a variety of business sectors including those of corporate, SME and self-employment.  He is Founder of TheMindFarm, a mindfulness training provider delivering workplace mindfulness training either at the client’s workplace or at his family farm training venue near Bicester, Oxfordshire.   He also provides mindfulness training / stress resilience and recovery from his farm training venue in the form of short residential stays/breaks.  Adam integrates mindfulness practice daily and links his own embodiment of mindfulness, personal encounters of stress / burnout / resilience training and his experience of the business environment to deliver supportive, insightful and empathetic training conducive to client learning and progression. 

T: 07908185832  Email: adam.harper@themindfarm.co.uk  Web: www.themindfarm.co.uk 

Alexandra Care
Based in Hemel Hempstead, Alexandra Care has a background in project management, commissioning, relationship / partnership management in the workplace.  Working with the VCS Coaching, she held project management, commissioning, community partnership and coaching roles in the public and private sectors.  Alexandra gained an ILM workplace coach qualification.  She currently works for DACORUM Borough Council providing community partnership expertise, coaching and mindfulness training to the public and health sectors.

Email alexcare@hotmail.co.uk

Ana Larriu
Bases in Beruit, Ana Larriu was born in Spain, American by upbringing, French by culture, Lebanese by union.  With a major in economics & a masters in marketing, her work kicks-off in international ad agencies.  Following a burnout, she launches her furniture designs & consultancy activity in space planning & decoration.  Health issues introduce her -first as a student then as a teacher- to Meditation, MBSR., C.B.T. & recently WorkplaceMT mindfulness training for the Workplace.  Today her intention is to spread these wellbeing solutions.

Email: analarriu@hotmail.com

Alison Morgan
Alison Morgan, Author, writer and consultant with experience of working in retail, fitness, technology and Media.  Mindful fitness magazine editor.

Email: alisonmorgan999@hotmail.com

Andy Watters
Andy Watters has a background in the corporate world, where he held front-line sales and sales management positions for companies in the mobile, software and consulting sectors. He has an MBA from Warwick Business School, a Diploma in Personal Transformation Coaching and is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. He works with a variety of organisations providing business development consultancy and coaching, and offers WorkplaceMT training and consultancy to the public and private sectors.
Contact:   078450 79886   or email: andy@business-minded.co.uk   Website:   www.business-minded.co.uk

Angelique Peigne
Based in London and Paris,  Angelique Peigne has over 15 years experience working internationally in senior roles in procurement, sales, marketing, strategy and manufacturing in the automotive and energy sectors.  She gained a Masters degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from the University of Cambridge. Angelique currently works with BP as a venture and digital strategy manager.  She also runs her own coaching and holistic therapy practice. 

Contact Angelique: phone: 07827 976830 or email angelpeigne@gmail.com   Web: angeliquepeigne.com

Amanda Heath
Amanda Heath has a talent development and HR professional with over 15 years’ experience in senior roles and consulting in a variety of organisations.  Amanda understands the demands of the modern workplace, and as a meditator for over a decade, is passionate about facilitating positive change for individuals and organisations through the power of mindfulness.

Contact:  07918 626487   or email: amandaheath36@googlemail.com 

Anna Beckmann
Anna Beckmann is a Consultant and Counsellor, London, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.presentmind.co.uk/6-week-mindfulness-in-the-workplace/

Aran Dadswell 
Aran Dadswell is Founder of MindTheFullness.  After 18 years in the corporate world, she reached a point where she was totally burnt out, suffering from adrenal fatigue, angry, frustrated and unhappy.  A transition followed, and she moved rapidly from leading a team of 200+ IT professionals to starting up her own business; offering stress management and motivation training, and leadership and executive coaching. She is a Professional Certified Coach, certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), completed a Post Graduate Certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership and also became qualified to deliver a range of psychometric tools.  She is currently in her final year of a MSc in Mindfulness Studies at University of Aberdeen.
Web: www.mindthefullness.co.uk    Email  aran@mindthefullness.co.uk

Ashley Lodge
Ashley Lodge is the Mindfulness Lead for Pearson UK in addition to his role as Senior Publisher there. He holds a degree in Philosophy from Southampton University and a PGCE from Cambridge University. He has been practising mindfulness since 2013 when he did the eight week MBCT course at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. He oversees Pearson’s mindfulness programme as part of its wellbeing strategy and delivers workplace mindfulness courses across Pearson UK’s different sites.  


Carmen Teo
Carmen Teo is based in Singapore.  She spent 15 years in marketing, strategy, pricing, analytics and consulting across various industries including industrial automation, hospitality, retail, software, and mobile start-up. She suffered from burnout, so understands first-hand the challenges faced at the workplace. Her mindfulness practice which started since 2007 helped her cope with life’s challenges and motivated her to re-train as a mindfulness trainer to help others improve their health and well-being. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from NUS Business School, a Master Degree from Cornell University, and an Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) from WDA Singapore. She has completed the WorkplaceMT Trainer Training and is also a certified .b Mindfulness Trainer with the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP).

Contact:  carmen@bemindful.sg or visit her website: www.bemindful.sg

Catherine Midgley
Catherine Midgley is Executive Coach and Consultant at The Positive Approach to Development Ltd,  Nottingham

Website:   http://www.thepositiveapproach.co.uk

Dr Cindy Chan 
Dr Cindy Chan  is a Clinical Psychologist, Corporate Trainer, and Author based in Hong Kong

Email: cindychan@ccps.com.hk

Denise Cohen
Based in London, Denise Cohen has extensive clinical experience and knowledge in midwifery.  Denise has worked for the NHS for over 30 years.  She gained a BA Hons in Midwifery and women’s health from University of Hertfordshire. 

Denise is currently employed as a professional Midwifery Advocate providing training and consultancy to NHS employers. 

Contact Denise on 07957766278

Faith Simpson
Based in Richmond, Faith Simpson has a background in the education sector including managing a highly successful Montessori school.  She has also run two successful businesses including her own dance company, and developing  one of the first ‘bags for life’ products in the UK.  Faith gained an MA, NASENCO, BED (Hons). She currently works in the Education sector providing support with special educational needs, Disabilities, OFSTED inspections, Stress and Interpersonal Difficulties.  She offers WorkplaceMT training and consultancy to the Education sector and anyone needing support with managing at work.  
Phone: 07960 400045 or email faithsimpson62@hotmail.com 

Gail Smith
Based in Buckinghamshire, Gail Smith has over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry.  Gail has a background in nutrition, group and personal fitness training.  She is a registered, experienced Yoga teacher and meditation teacher.  Since 2010 she has studied and taught the concepts  integral to well-being drawn from the traditions of yoga, movement, mindfulness, neuroscience and psychology.  She gained E-RYT200 Yoga Alliance Yoga teacher qualifications as well as a REPS Level 3 Yoga, personal trainer, and group fitness qualification.   Gail works as a wellness coach providing wellness interventions to promote healthier behaviour patterns to reduce the impact of work related lifestyle and stress musculoskeletal disorders.  She provides training and consultancy to the finance, retail and pharmaceutical sector. 

Contact Gail on 07976 500971 or email thewellnessspace@gmail.com

Gayl Long
Gayl Long is Executive Coach and Facilitator,  Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom

In8 Resources Limited  http://in8resources.com/workshops/in8-mindfulness-programme/

Hazel Todd
Based in Hampshire and Dorset, Hazel Todd has a background in global finance, leadership, change and mindful transformative life coaching.  She held senior finance leadership roles in professional services / retail & business services sectors.  Hazel gained a Transformative life-coaching diploma and is an ICAEW Chartered accountant.  She currently works with a number of corporate and 1-2-1 clients providing mindful life coaching and WorkplaceMT training and consultancy to people facing overwhelm and potential burnout. Contact Hazel on 07483 219989 or email hazel.d.todd21@outlook.com

Jill Chapman
Jill Chapman is a Chartered Business Psychologist and is a Registered Psychologist with the HCPC. She is a founder of The Create Network, a consultancy providing creative and scientific approaches to enable individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their full potential.  She has over 15 years experience as a consultant, trainer and coach and has worked with clients in the UK and Internationally in the Not for Profit Sector and across a wide spectrum of industries including Finance, Construction, Asset Management, Healthcare, Technology, Motor, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Retail.  She is a qualified Executive Coach and is trained in a wide range of psychometric instruments.  Jill is passionate about sharing with individuals and groups the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace.

Contact:  + 44 (0) 7810 484 697 or email  jill@thecreatenetwork.co.uk

Jules Peck
Jules Peck works internationally in leadership development and advanced communication in the workplace. She provides training design and delivery, coaching, seminars, facilitation, Action Learning and mediation services.

Her clients are drawn from a diverse range of organisations including the banking & financial services industry, F1 racing teams, pharmaceutical giants, the BBC as well as the public and third sector

Jules is a Master NLP Practitioner, qualified coach, MBTI Practitioner, and ILM Action Learning Set facilitator. She is also a DISC, Hogan and PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner and Mindfulness teacher. Memberships include: CIPD, Association of Coaching and Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Contact: Email:  jppeoplesolutions@gmail.com  Web: www.vmbt.co.uk   Phone+44 7931 325 642

Justin Phelan 
Justin Phelan spent 35 years in software development, 20 of those years as founder and CEO of a software company specialising in the development of software for solicitors and building this business to a market-leading position in Ireland, employing 20 people.  Having exited this successful business in 2009, Justin works as a consultant, mainly in the area of organisational change required for successful software implementation. He completed a post-graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching from the Irish Management Institute/University College Cork in 2013 and combines a busy coaching practice with his consulting and training work. 

Email:   justinphelan@outlook.ie or visit his website:  www.youandyourwork.com

Karen House
Based in Yorkshire but working nationally. Karen House has a background in Group HR, training and consultancy.  She has held roles with BP, PWC and subsequently undertakes training facilitation and coaching within her own business, working across a wide range of sectors.  She has particular experience of working with the NHS, the housing sector and the manufacturing and engineering sectors.  Karen has a Level 7 coaching qualification from the CIPD and has completed WorkplaceMT mindfulness trainer training. She is a member of CIPD and the EMCC.  She currently works with the NHS, a variety of housing associations, Atkins, Jacobs, Balfour Beatty providing training facilitation and coaching services.  Karen offers WorkplaceMT training to all sectors. 

Email Karen@househr.co.uk      Phone: 01924 254122 / 07949 891307 

Kate Howlett
Based in the Newbury / London area, Kate Howlett is a mindfulness and career coach.  She has a background working with the Bank of England, FCA, Barclays, John Lewis, Tesco, Councils, The Cabinet Office, Dow Jones, PWC, BP, Shell, BBC and Channel 4. Kate gained a Post Grad Diploma / MA in Careers Advice from Reading University.  She offers WorkplaceMT training to both private and public sector organisations.

Email: katehowlett33@gmail.com  or Phone: 07976 313474

Kirsty Lilley
Based in Warwickshire, Kirsty Lilley has a background in nursing, occupational health and psychotherapy.  She has held a number of corporate roles focussing on workplace mental health.  Kirsty  works with a variety of organisations providing training on mental health and well being related issues, resilience and coaching.  She offers WorkplaceMT training and consultancy to the public and private sectors. 

Contact Kirsty on 07852 251805 or email kirstylilley2903@gmail.com

Lyn Riesebeek
Based in Aberdeen , Lyn Riesebeek has a background in finance , senior management and mindfulness coaching. She  is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and has held senior finance roles in oil and gas , service companies and accountancy practices. Lyn is currently studying towards an MSc Mindfulness at Aberdeen University and will shortly be entering her research year .She offers Workplace MT training and consultancy to both private and public sectors and she will shortly be qualified to teach  Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery Course (MBAR) .

Contact Lyn on 07702881335 or email lrmindfulness@gmail.com

Mariangela Zanaki
Mariangela Zanaki is a psychologist, with extensive experience in personnel evaluation, management and development. She is Managing Director at Ceosan Consulting Ltd and has developed and conducted an extensive list of in- house specialist HR training programmes for the public and private sector in both Cyprus and Greece. With over a decade of personal mindfulness Mariangela actively follows the scientific progress on mindfulness. Since completing the first WorkplaceMT teacher training course she has delivered a range of mindfulness in the workplace training programs.  She holds a B.Sc in Psychology, an M.Sc in Cognitive Neuropsychology and she is a member of the British Psychological Society, the Association of Greek Psychologists and the European Family Therapy Association.    https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariangela-zanaki-ba50a948/

Martin Lygo
Working out of Shropshire, Martin Lygo is a Consultant Occupational Physician with 40 years in medicine – 30 dedicated to promoting workplace health.  A GMC accredited specialist doctor, he has extensive experience working with both organisations and individuals to prevent, overcome or accommodate health problems at work – and in enhancing the health, wellbeing and effectiveness of working people and teams.  He has worked with local government, the military, NHS, emergency services, education, retail, transport, manufacturing, engineering, finance, utilities, telecommunications and construction. 

Committed to mindfulness through experience and scientific understanding, Martin offers WorkplaceMT independently, or alongside his occupational health consultancy. Contact Martin on:  mabor.workplacemt@icloud.com

Mark Sidney
Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Mark Sidney has a background in management in the health and social care sector, with experience working with homelessness, addiction services, ex-offenders and mental health.  He held roles including Director of Operations, Project Manager, partnership Manager, and Business Development Manager for companies in the voluntary and private sectors.  Mark gained a Leadership and performance coaching qualification from Northumbria University and Business School. He currently works with Mindful Therapies providing coaching and mindfulness training, offering WorkplaceMT training and consultancy to organisations across the North-East.

Phone: +44 7852595858 Email: mark@mindfultherapies.org.uk  or visit www.mindfultherapies.org.uk

Dr Meera Joshi
Dr Meera Joshi,  Mindfulness Teacher | Executive Coach | Doctor
London, United Kingdom
Meera acts as a Mindfulness expert for BUPA UK

Website: http://www.presenceisahabit.com

Michel Moutier 
Michel Moutier is a partner and advisor at ALSpective group in Paris and in Luxembourg. He provides Mindfulness in the workplace training and coaching, Leadership development for Board members and managers and Change Management for strategic implementations.  A graduate of NEOMA Business School with a MBA.  Trained to Mindfulness in the Workplace, Michel’s approach is inspired by the discipline of Martial Arts and the introspection of the Mindfulness practice.  Michel created the European Millennial Think Tank, a group composed of 50 young professionals who share their views and experiences with businesses to help them better understand the needs and expectations of the younger generations.  Michel is bilingual in French and English, and speaks German.  Contact: +33 6 76 07 64 37   or email: m.moutier@mlcadvisory.com   Website: http://www.mlcadvisory.com

Nikki Watters 
Nikki Watters  York, UK  HR professional and business consultant, co-owner business minded

BSc (Hons) Psychology
Certificate in Counselling Skills (CPCAB accredited)
Diploma in Personal Transformation Coaching
Master Practitioner of NLP

I have enjoyed a long career in Human Resources, which saw me progress to the role of Director of HR. Throughout my HR career I have had the opportunity to use my coaching, counselling and NLP skills to help colleagues and teams overcome both personal and professional challenges, helping them to go on to achieve their goals.

I have always been interested in how our minds work, how they both help and hinder us, and how we can improve our understanding of ourselves and of our amazing brains to help make our lives better. My interest led me to study Psychology at degree level, and to go on to study counselling and talking therapies, life coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Time Based Techniques and Mindfulness.  With my brother, I set up Business Minded to provide accessible, evidence-based mindfulness training., helping leaders, managers and employees manage stress, improve wellbeing, perform better and feel happier.

Myra McHale
Myra McHale has considerable consultancy, coaching and business development experience gained across a wide range of sectors, such as career management, education and training and financial services. She was awarded in 2004 a British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma and then went on to discover a passion for the benefits of Mindfulness in her own life. Training others in the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace was a natural progression for her and one which she thrives on. In addition to completing the Workplace MT training she has also completed Mindfulness Teacher training with Shamash Alidina, author of The Mindful Way Through Stress.  Contact: +44 (0) 7830 628567   email: hello@myramchale.com     Website: http://myramchale.com

Patrick Boland
Patrick Boland is based in Dublin. He is the founder of Conexus, a leadership and executive coaching consultancy that works with corporate leaders throughout Ireland, the UK and the US. Conexus combines Mindfulness Training with C-suite Leadership programmes, Millennial Development programmes and Executive Coaching. Mindfulness is offered as both a stand-alone WorkplaceMT training programme as well as an integrated aspect of senior leadership training.

Contact: +353 83 1790 797    email: info@conexus.ie   Website:  http://www.conexus.ie

Phil Godfrey
Based in Exeter Phil Godfrey has a background in policing and the armed forces.  He has held numerous roles in policing including neighbourhood, investigations, call handling, command and control, corporate development and business change.  He holds a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 in police leadership and management.  He currently works with Devon and Cornwall Police, helping to deliver a significant change program.  He offers WorkplaceMT training and consultancy to emergency services. 

Contact Phil  via email:  philip.godfrey@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

Dr Rachel Jones-Wild
Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Dr Rachel Jones-Wild has a background in counselling and is a clinical supervisor.  She is an experienced Breathworks accredited mindfulness trainer and a breathworks mindfulness supervisor.  She established Mindful Therapies to deliver mindfulness training training.  She has delivered mindfulness training in the statutory, voluntary, and private sectors. She was named as ‘most influential woman in mental health by a global health and pharma company.  Rachel currently works in schools, local authorities, charities & further education establishments.  She offers bespoke mindfulness training and teacher training services, offering WorkplaceMT training and consultancy to organisations across the North-East.

Email: rachel@mindfultherapies.org.uk  or visit www.mindfultherapies.org.uk

Rosemary Sandham
Based in London, Rosemary Sandham has over 28 years combined experience in business, including working at board level, chief executive and senior management, leadership consultancy, mindfulness training, coaching, mentoring and action learning. She is an ILM qualified executive coach, action learning facilitator and psychotherapist. Having experienced the benefits of mindfulness while leading organisations she has increasingly focused on bringing mindfulness into companies. She trained with Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness, Oxford University Mindfulness Centre and Workplace MT Training with TME.

Contact: +44 (0) 7880 706420 email: rosemary@sandiar.co.uk website: http://www.sandiar.co.uk

Sally-Anne Airey
Sally-Anne Airey is a very experienced leadership coach who draws on over 35 years’ experience as a Royal Navy Commander, international business leader and leadership coach. She has an Advanced Diploma in Coaching from The OCM in Oxford and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK. Sally-Anne runs unique mindfulness based leadership programs in the French Alps.  Her Evolving Leadership program is an advanced leadership development programme that works from the inside out. Grounded in the principle that to lead others well you must first know and master yourself, it provides a solid platform for success and continuing growth.

Email:  sally-anne@skilfulleaders.com Web: https://skilfulleaders.com/

Sally Roberts
Sally Roberts, Chartered MCIPD HR Professional specialising in mindfulness and employee well-being,     York, United Kingdom

An instructor at the Northern Centre for Mindfulness and Compassion Sally trained to teach mindfulness during 2012.  In the years which have followed she has had the privilege of sharing many journeys into mindfulness and continues to be inspired by the transformational impact mindfulness offers at a personal, professional and organisational level.  Sally has developed an interest in the role of mindfulness in leadership development and human resources, particularly ‘insight-based HR’ and welcomes contact from organisations looking for new ways of responding to organisational challenges.  

Please visit www.yorkmbsr.co.uk for further information.

Dr Sherylin Thompson
Dr Sherylin Thompson CPsychol,  Psychologist & Mindfulness Consultant

Canary Wharf E14,  London, United Kingdom

Dr. Sheila French
Dr. Sheila French  graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Mindfulness from Aberdeen University. She has 20 years teaching and training experience in Higher Education. She has a First Class Honours Degree in IT and is a Doctor of Education and is  an NLP  Master Coach. Sheila is also qualified to teach the Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) and the school based Paws . b course. Sheila offers Mindfulness training courses to forward thinking organisations investing in the well-being of their people.

Email: Sheila@trainmymind.co.uk   Web:  www.trainmymind.co.uk   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheila-french-47425b1b/

Simon Graham
Based in Cambridgeshire, Simon Graham has a background in retail finance as a management accountant and within various healthcare settings as a psychiatric nurse.  He has held roles in both the private and public sector.  Simon currently works with the individual clients with mental health issues providing mental health counselling / therapy / mindfulness training.  He offers WorkplaceMT training to business and healthcare sectors.

Email Simon@theultimateu.co.uk or visit www.theultimate.co.uk   Phone: 07707547669

Dr Sophie Westwood
Dr Sophie Westwood is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and registered practitioner psychologist with the Health and Professions Care Council (HCPC).  She completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Birmingham, a post-graduate certificate in evidence-based psychological treatments at the University of Reading and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Surrrey.  Her doctoral thesis investigated factors affecting stress and burnout in the workplace.  In addition to her clinical experience as a Clinical Psychologist, she is passionate about improving wellbeing in the workplace and offers mindfulness for the workplace courses as a means to promote this.

Susan Mcavoy
Susan Mcavoy has 21 years of teaching psychology and sociology in the Higher and Further Education sectors, as well as 17 years of experience teaching complementary therapies.  She has a First Class Honours Degree in Behavioural Sciences, Masters Level Teaching Qualification and is a member of the General Teaching Council of Scotland.  Her Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Professional Studies focused on social and emotional skills of lecturers in Further Education.  Susan is an independent mindfulness teacher as well as retaining a role in one of Scotland’s largest colleges, where she has a role in developing the social and emotional skills of teaching staff and students.

Contact: s.mcavoy@dundeeandangus.ac.uk

Dr Tamara Russell
Dr Tamara Russell, Director at Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, London, UK .  She is a neuroscientist, author, clinical psychologist, martial arts expert and leading Mindfulness trainer. She has helped people all around the world transform their lives using her groundbreaking Mindfulness techniques.

Tamara works as an academic, clinician and consultant – teaching groups and individuals in the public and private sector. Her clients include NHS trusts, arts organizations, professional athletes, businesses, teachers, artists, lawyers, journalists, parents and students.

Web: http://www.mindfulnesscentreofexcellence.com    Email: tamara.russell@mindbodymot.com

Tessa McEwen
Tessa McEwen – Developing Mindfulness,  Reading, United Kingdom

Website: http://developingtalent.co.uk/developing-mindfulness

Thais Requito
Thais Requito is a top-performing and award winning professional with over 13 years of experience in multinational companies, including 8 years with Microsoft.  Working in the UK and based in Brazil, she has a solid ability in managing multiple initiatives in complex environments and growing businesses in initial stages of life cycle. Extensive background in marketing, sales and team building, and a special talent to mentor individuals and promote sales force effectiveness. Thais is a Psychological Coach, certified by the Centre for Coaching in London, and completed the Foundation in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in the Mindfulness Oxford Centre. She also has a degree in Publicity and an MBA in business.

Website: www.thaisrequito.com

Victoria Brookbank
Based in Kingston upon Thames and the London area, Victoria Brookbank works as a WorkplaceMT trainer at MindfulCommunity. Previous posts include: CEO of a mental health & wellbeing charity and Head of Department (graphics and marketing) at Evercore Partners Europe.  Victoria trained as a psychotherapist in 2015 and is a highly experienced manager and leader in both corporate and third sector settings. Equally, Victoria has extensive experience of working with charities, local government and businesses specialising in stress management and general wellbeing.  Victoria offers WorkplaceMT and wellbeing consultancy to both public and private sectors.

Tel: +44 7474873838, or email: vbrookbank@yahoo.co.uk

Mindfulness At Work Verified Trainers

WorkplaceMT Verified Trainers have experience working in a variety of business settings.  They have an established personal mindfulness practice and have successfully completed our Foundation programme (72 hours of learning with observations of performance) .  In addition to verify their ability to deliver WorkplaceMT corporate mindfulness programmes they have either completed the WorkplaceMT Professional Discussion verification route or completed Advanced WorkplaceMT training, or MBCT / MBSR equivalent (Such as TTR2) including observation of their performance delivering WorkplaceMT in a workplace setting.

  • Claire Griffin
  • Emma Dellar
  • Ken Lunn
  • Mark Richardson

Ken Lunn
Ken Lunn has held senior leadership roles in IT research and development for business, universities and the NHS over 35 years, and has a mindfulness practice spanning over 20 years. Mindfulness has been a core support for him through many challenges in life, both professional and personal, and it has shaped his leadership style. His motivation as a mindfulness teacher is to provide people in difficult and stressful situations with the appropriate tools that help them not just to survive, but to thrive. Based on his own personal experience, he knows that a mindful approach benefits not just the practitioner, but all those they interact with. He is currently completing his dissertation on the Masters in Mindfulness Based Approaches at the University of Bangor and teaching a wide range of mindfulness programmes in West Yorkshire and throughout the UK. 

Contact: Ken@kenlunn.com, Telephone +44 7725 362825, Website kenlunn.com 

More Mindfulness At Work Trainers

The following trainers have attended our foundation mindfulness training programme as detailed above.  They either deliver training within their employers organisation OR we are awaiting bios from them.

  • Alan Hills    Contemporary Coaching Ltd Worthing,  www.alanhills.com  Based in West Sussex. Experience in  IT, Banking, technology, utilities, healthcare, education. Lloyds bank, Lloyds TSB, cable and wireless, NTL, virgin media, uswitch, worthing college
  • Dr Alyson Smith, Senior Lecturer/Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Cardiff
  • Amanda Jane Hillis, UK
  • Andy Taylor, Managing Director at MindfulFirst Ltd, Norwich, United Kingdom
  • Angelika Chaffey  is based in  London. She works for NHS & Richmond Housing Partnership, and has a background working in Insurance, Media, NHS & Housing Associations
  • Catherine Jaschinski, Aquafresh Global Marketing Director, GSK, Redhill, United Kingdom
  • Cathy Harwood, UK  
  • Claire Marie Butler  is based in  London, with experience of  events management, oil and gas industry
  • Deborah Kempson-Wren is based in London.  She is a change and Service Redesign Project Manager, and Executive Coach
  • Eliza Thornton, UK
  • Fiona Burns, UK
  • Gail Westerman, Director at Grey Matters Exchange Ltd and NHS Midwife, Sheffield, UK
  • Gina Galkute MBPS, CIPD HR Advisor , London UK
  • Graham English,  Owner Kagome/Graham English Consultancy,  Ashbourne, Derbyshire, UK.  http://www.grahamenglishconsultancy.co.uk
  • Gudrun Hiese, Executive Coach, The Hague Area, Netherlands
  • Harpreet Sandhu,  Senior Regulatory Business Analyst, Credit Suisse, Zürich Area, Switzerland
  • Hayley Saunt, Mission: Mindfulness, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
  • Jane Hodgkinson, UK
  • Jim Allen, Agile Coach/Lead, IT Director, London UK
  • Joanne Wilson
  • Jonathan Thrush
  • Julie Wilson, Mindful Steps 2 Wellbeing, Taunton, UK
  • Lavinia Lacob HR Professional, Coach and Trainer, Romania  
  • Lene Collatz, UK
  • Ligia Andrea Dantas de Miranda,  Indaiatuba, Brazil
  • Louise Gathercole, Success Coach, Tonbridge, United Kingdom
  • Lyn Riesebeek, Sparks mechanical services, Aberdeen
  • Maria Healy, HR Consultant Workplace Wellbeing at London Borough of Havering
  • Mark Bouzida, Media sector, London, UK
  • Penny Metcalf, Mindfulness Trainer, Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom
  • Rachel Fan, Learning and development manager, Criteo, Singapore
  • Rebecca Smith,  Gardening Therapist and Garden Designer, London, United Kingdom
  • Sarah Gear, Management Consultant at Sarah Gear Associates, Aberdeen, UK
  • Sean Gilgallon MSc, DipSHEM, CMIOSH, Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, & Mindfulness lead, CVS Group, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  • Shelley Cushway, Director at Mindpower, Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Stephanie Forester, UK Forum Lead at Accenture, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • Steve Thom, Customer Services Training and Development Manager at Bath & North East Somerset Council
  • Tamzin Muir is based in London , working for Hammersmith and Fulham MIND.  She has a background in Law, NHS, Emergency services, Met police & central government
  • Tim Andrews, Managing Director, Stretch Learning Ltd,  Oxford, United Kingdom. http://www.stretchexperience.com
  • Thomai Ikonomidou, European Food Safety Authority, Parma, Italy
  • Tony Barton PCC / CPCC, Red Kite Coaching, Birmingham and London.  http://www.redkitecoaching.com
  • Tracy Ladbrooke MCIPD,  Assistant Head of Workforce and Organisational Development,   Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, United Kingdom
  • Tracey Hewett, Marketing and Sales Manager at ABPmer, Solent University
  • Urzala Weiss, Switzerland and UK
  • Valentin Tuca,  Senior Consultant at Revista “Piata Financiara”  Bucharest, Romania