What people say about The Mindfulness Exchange… “I have found Marina to be very knowledgeable about how best our business could utilise mindfulness in the workplace.”


“Marina is a great teacher and presents passionately and engagingly. She ran two sessions at Takeda on Mindfulness in difficult circumstances, due to technical webex issues and enthused and inspired the participants to engage with the process. She is extremely knowledgeable and a recognised authority on the subject.”

Richard Cave – Learning and Development Manager


“Marina was a wonderful Keynote Speaker at our 2nd Annual Oxford Testfest event, organised by PAN, Hogrefe and OPP. Marina delivered a great presentation that focused on Mindfulness, Leadership and Resilience – it was a perfect mixture of business focus, insight backed by scientific research and practical takeaways. Our delegates were delighted and gave great reviews of the session. I would recommend Marina as an insightful and engaging speaker on this important topic.”

Catherine Chapman – Marketing Manager


“You will enjoy working with Marina as a trainer; she is confident, planful and flexible. She is in tune with the needs of both delegates and organisers making her a pleasure to work with.”

Dr Angela Carter – Occupational Psychologist
Institute of Work Psychology, Sheffield University Management School


“Marina a most competent, intelligent and helpful trainer. Marina’s knowledge and skills in the area of mindfulness and mindfulness at work are excellent. She is able to teach others in a very down to earth and practical way. Her knowledge of the science behind mindfulness is extensive and she translates this to how we may apply mindfulness in organisations. Moreover, Marina also shares her experience in working with organisations and how to make the business case for mindfulness. I would highly recommend her as a trainer and mindfulness teacher.”

Maggie (Machteld) van den Heuvel – Assistant Professor / Trainer / Coach


“I invited Marina to speak at the 2013 annual Association of Business Psychologists conference. I invited her because having spoken with her I could see she was extremely knowledgeable about her topic and, unlike some other mindfulness practitioners, could link her work to tangible business outcomes and rigorous scientific research.

Marina’s session was entitled “Managing your productivity. In an age of attention overload, how doing less is the new doing more.” It was universally well received with 75% of attendees describing it as good or excellent. The comments she received included:

– Good. Credible presenter, useful theory and nice practical.

– Marina was a particularly excellent presenter. Her pace and style embodied the topic.”

Dilly Boury
Managing Consultant – Workforce Science and Analytics, APAC
Business Psychologist – IBM


“I have had the great pleasure of working with Marina since 2013 as the company I work for, CVS UK Ltd, embarked on a journey to introduce workplace mindfulness into the highly stressful veterinary profession.

I have found Marina to be very knowledgeable about how best our business could utilise mindfulness in the workplace and this has helped us plan what we need to do and how we need to do it. 

Since we started this process Marina has herself become a mindfulness teacher. She continues to teach our courses and her very personable, pleasant and considered approach has helped them go well and made it enjoyable for the students.”

Sean Gilgallon MSc, DipSHEM, CMIOSH – Head of Health and Safety
CVS Europe 


“Marina’s corporate experience and her personal Mindfulness practice were all highly beneficial and inspiring. She takes a pragmatic whilst thought provoking approach and is keen to share the research base and evidence for the benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace as well as the Workplace MT training programme itself. I would highly recommend Marina and the course to anyone who has a mindfulness practice and wants to train others within an organisational context.”

Jill Chapman – Founder / Director
The Create Network and Director at Create Community Network CIC


“You gave me so much inspiration and self-confidence that I send mails to directors at two multinational organisations. I wouldn’t have done all this without the great mindfulness (at the workplace) training you gave me. You taught me to rely on my intuition. Thank you so much!”

Lilian Emanuel-Walhof


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