Relentless striving and suppressing our feelings, take a heavy toll. The biggest cause of long-term absenteeism is chronic stress and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mindfulness protects employees from the destructive effects of stress, builds resilience and creates engagement in the workplace. Mindfulness training is a powerful intervention which promotes resilience, emotional intelligence and engagement at work. Mindfulness gives people a better understanding of themselves and others at work. This understanding empowers us.

Not only does mindfulness enhance individual performance, it helps people to work more effectively with others. Mindful workers are better able to express themselves and better able to listen. They are more effective at collaboration, meetings, negotiation, customer relations and people management.

Relentless striving and controlling feelings are powerful drivers of destructive patterns of stress at work. When we push too hard, we shut down our potential. We become less adaptive, more controlling and blind to new opportunities. If we are a leader we become blind to the potential of others. We set up vicious cycles of stress, impaired performance, reactive working patterns, often leading to fractured relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.

Employees, managers and leaders need to be more aware of themselves and what is going on around them to promote sustainable patterns of engaged work in organisations. Mindfulness training reduces the impact of distraction and stress and develops awareness of changing demands. It enables employees to fulfill their potential sustainably.

Few have the confidence to express how they feel without fear of losing control and few feel safe when people around them are saying what they really think. More and more goes unsaid. Individual and collective performance suffers and frustration builds, which leads to destructive spirals of disengagement at work.

Virtuous cycles of engagement emerge when employees, managers and leaders are more aware of their thoughts, feelings and actions and how to manage them. Mindfulness training provides the foundations of sustainable performance and engagement in organisations.

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