The ancient practice solving the City’s oldest problems

Banks are increasingly paying attention to the art of paying attention, with Goldman looking to introduce ‘contemplation’ pods

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Media: 19 May 2016 (video)



Marina Grazier talking at the European Association of Work and Occupational Psychologists, where she co-delivered

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Marina Grazier

Views from the boardroom – Marina Grazier

This video features Marina Grazier speaking at the Cranfield University/Mindfulnet Mindfulness at Work Conference, Sept 2014

Media Comments Off on Media: 26 Nov 2014 (video)

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Sean Gilgallon

Views from the boardroom – Sean Gilgallon

– Sean Gilgallon National CVS H&S manager talks about introducing TME mindfulness training across the biggest corporate provider

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Regulate mindfulness

Why do we need to regulate mindfulness?

Mark Leonard discusses the possible regulation of mindfulness and its many forms. Mindfulness programmes are becoming more

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Insight Review

The dependent origination of insight meditation

Mark Leonard reviews “The Birth of Insight: Meditation, Modern Buddhism and the Burmese Monk Ledi Sayadaw” by Eric Braun

Media Comments Off on Media: 22 Jul 2014 (article)

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Marina Grazier

Inside the health craze sweeping the financial sector

Mark Leonard and Marina Grazier spoke to about how mindfulness meditation is being used more and more in the

Media Comments Off on Media: 17 May 2014 (video)

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Iain Dale

Meditation as an Alternative to Drugs for Depression

Marina Grazier spoke on Ian Dale’s LBC radio show that was talking about meditation as an alternative to drugs for the treatment of

Media Comments Off on Media: 07 Jan 2014 (audio)

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Mindfulness: Not Solving Difficult Problems, RSA

There is currently an explosion of interest in mindfulness, crudely put, the paying of attention to the moment. Mark Leonard

Media Comments Off on Media: 08 Jan 2013 (article)

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Now’s the Moment for Mindfulness, Daily Telegraph

Mindfulness. If you’re not yet au fait with the concept, it might be a good idea to familiarise yourself with it now, because you’ll be hearing

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