The Mindfulness Exchange – Who Are We?

Marina Grazier TME

Marina Grazier, Owner Director

TME is a spin off from Oxford University’s, Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) led by Marina Grazier a thought leader in the application of mindfulness at work to help people master their minds and flourish.

TME’s WorkplaceMT is an evidence informed approach to delivering mindfulness in the workplace, robustly tested over 6 years in TME’s client base.

With over 30 years’ business development, marketing and HR experience in the IT and business consulting sectors at companies including KPMG Consulting and IBM, Marina is no stranger to the challenges of sustaining success in high performing roles.

Marina retrained as a psychologist to provide a platform to teach MBCT and trained and taught at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC). She joined Prof Mark William’s Development Board in 2010 to support the Mindfulness in the Workplace project, and Co-Founded The Mindfulness Exchange (TME) in 2012.

Marina also pioneers mindfulness trainer training, for mindfulness teachers and corporate professionals taking mindfulness into the workplace. Building on her successful corporate life, Marina is passionate about bringing the benefits of mindfulness to the workplace to manage the evolving challenges of modern working life. Marina believes that the cognitive scientific understanding of mindfulness is highly relevant to the workplaces needing to deliver sustainable success in business.

Mindfulness Exchange Juliet Adams

Juliet Adams, Associate

Juliet Adams is a Fellow of CIPD with a Masters in Training and Performance Management who combines over 20 years of experience working in HR, Training Design, Organisational Development and Change roles with an in-depth knowledge of mindfulness.

As Owner and Managing Director of A Head for Work, Juliet is a pioneer of mindfulness in the workplace training, and co-creator of the WorkplaceMT. Juliet teaches mindfulness in a wide range of public and private sector organisations.

Who have we worked with so far?

A small sample of the clients that Marina and Juliet have worked with include:

  • ABP Wokefield Park 2013
  • Addenbrokes Post Graduate Medical Centre
  • Allianz
  • Bank of England
  • Aylesbury District Vale
  • Cambridge County Council
  • CIPD
  • CVS Vets
  • Henderson Global Investments
  • IOSH
  • Facebook
  • Infectious Media
  • Lloyds
  • Metropolitan Police
  • OPP
  • Oxfam
  • Queens College Cambridge
  • Record Currency Management
  • SAID Business School
  • Takeda Phamaceuticals
  • Virgin Management Team
  • Wellington Management (investment)

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“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” John Dryden