“Frantic World Programme”

Mindfulness exercises marked 1-8 are alternatives to those recorded by Mark Williams on the CD that comes with the book, Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World.” These recorded mindfulness exercises are designed to be used as an integral part of mindfulness training with TME when using this book as a training resource. They are recorded by Mark Leonard.

1 Mindfulness of Body and Breath
2 Body Scan
3 Mindful Movement coming soon
4 Breath and Body coming soon
5 Sounds and Thoughts coming soon
6 Exploring Difficulty coming soon
7 Befriending coming soon
8 The Three Minute Breathing Space coming soon


Further guided mindfulness exercises and meditations

Sitting coming soon

There is a feedback between the way we hold ourselves and our emotional state. We will be best equipped to explore the landscape of our mind if we are upright and alert yet relaxed and at ease. When we open the chest we feel confident and when we feel confident we can take care of ourselves. Just holding our an upright and open posture for a few minutes is a profoundly effective mindfulness practice to build into our lives.

Standing coming soon

Standing Bringing awareness to the way we stand is also a powerful exercise we can build into our lives. Standing upright, open and relaxed sets up our body to be mindfully awake. Other people around us also respond to us differently when we embody confidence and ease expressed in our posture.

Exercising the mindfulness muscle with mindfulness of breath coming soon

This exercise is the foundation of mindfulness practice. We begin with grounding ourselves in an upright posture then focus the attention of the movements and sensations of breath in the body. Sooner or later the mind wanders and

Developing attention and awareness coming soon

This exercise develops our understanding of how we can focus and direct our attention and relax the focus of attention to become aware the whole body and even the space around us. This exercise further develops our ability to notice where the mind is from moment to moment.

Bringing breath and heart together coming soon

Our widow on our emotional state is the breath. If we pay attention to the breath we bring our wandering mind back to the body and the body responds by settling. The heartbeat slows a little as we breathe out and speeds up a little as we breath in. If we develop a relaxed rhythm of breathing with the outbreath is a little longer than the inbreath we can stimulate the autonomic nervous system to relax as the heart and the breath become entrained, which has many health benefits. This builds resilience and the space to explore and transform strong emotions.

Exploring thoughts as objects and the quality of awareness coming soon

If you have practiced mindfulness before you will have come to recognise that you are not your thoughts and we don’t need to assume that our thoughts are facts. This guided meditation explores the relationship between thoughts and awareness.


“Mindfulness in the workplace leads to lower levels
of stress and illness-related absenteeism”