On average we are distracted 47%of the time. If we can reclaim even some of this time we will have more time to do what we need and more time to do what we want. Mindfulness training reduces stress and enables us to focus on what we are doing. Mindfulness enables us to reclaim time and energy wasted worrying, planning and daydreaming.

Often people are so busy they can’t find ten minutes a day to squeeze in a mindfulness exercise. There’s a paradox: if we do build time for mindfulness exercises into the working day, we find we have more time to do what needs to be done. Overdoing it can literally mean doing too much and getting less done. With mindfulness we can get more done doing less.

There are so many pressures in today’s working life. Each moment of the day seems like a race to get the next task done. But the irony is, that as we run from pillar to post we push ourselves to the limit and end up running on empty leaving little resources to apply ourselves to the challenges we face. It’s a vicious circle.

Mindfulness enables us to break this vicious circle. First by interrupting it then by giving us a moment to explore how it feels. We react less and get less stressed. We gain perspective and can process our emotions without bottling them up. We find more creative ways of adapting to the demands we face but more than this, mindfulness reclaims for us, the precious moments we have in this, our only life.