Mindfulness and Change blog

Change and uncertainty has become relentless. How does mindfulness help us to flourish under these conditions? We cannot stop change but we can learn to ride the waves of uncertainty. With mindfulness we can process the causes of stress, which come from changing conditions, inoculating ourselves from its damaging effects. With mindfulness we can be more aware of what is actually taking place and adapt more quickly to changing conditions.

A big part of the stress we experience in times of change comes from our concern about what is happening. We want things to remain as they are because they are familiar. We want to feel secure about the future. When there is uncertainty we fear the worst. Our tendency to meet uncertain times with fear and anxiety makes it harder for us to deal with the conditions we actually face.

The challenges we face will not go away because we are concerned. Fear and anxiety tell us things are not as they should be. We close ourselves down when change becomes a threat.

With mindfulness we can uncouple the cycle of concern and its negative effect on our ability to meet challenges with a positive approach. With mindfulness we can process our emotions to see new conditions with new eyes; we can be adaptive, creative and solution focused even in the most challenging of times.