How about making a real change? Learn to do nothing on purpose! Yes, learning to sit on your butt for a few minutes each day just watching the sensations of breath in your body could be all that you need to do to change your life in ways that you could never have expected.

You don’t need to sit in the lotus position or shave your head. All you need to do is sit upright and bring your attention to the sensations of breathing in your body. Sooner or later, and it’s likely to be sooner rather than later your mind will wander. This is where it gets interesting! How do you react? Do you want to be a perfect meditator or do you just notice where the mind has gone without any sense that you’ve failed? Do you get frustrated? Do you get bored?

Why’s this so interesting? Whatever happens you can’t get it wrong so long as you do it. It’s so interesting because by sitting watching your breath for a few minutes you get a chance to get to know yourself. As you get to know yourself, you get to befriend all those parts of you that might have been reasons for self-criticism or dissatisfaction in life. As you get to befriend yourself you actually begin to change these patterns of thinking that have been limiting you and in time you can release your natural human potential in all kinds of ways.

This is a brain training technique that has a wide range of benefits now beginning to be understood scientifically. Most of the scientific study has been done on the benefits of doing mindfulness exercises for stress, anxiety and depression but it’s understanding how mindfulness helps with these problems that begins to explain how it can help you to flourish in all kinds of ways.

In fact there’s a whole collection of reasons why learning to do nothing on purpose is really useful. By doing this we begin to see our patterns and we become less reactive and respond more intelligently in all kinds of situations. So often it’s best to “leave be” and things seem to just sort themselves out. You’ll be amazed how effective doing nothing on purpose can be!